IFRS Related Consulting

IFRS Related Consulting

For many businesses, transitioning to IFRS can seem daunting – the standards are unfamiliar, and execution can be consuming.
BDO’s IFRS Consulting services are carefully tailored to individual clients in order to reflect the specific operational, regulatory, and financial risks they face. Our dedicated service teams help you navigate the process from start to finish, ensuring efficient change, and minimum disruption to your business. Our senior-level professionals remain accessible throughout the engagement, and are backed by the global resources one of the world’s largest accounting and consulting networks.

Our Methodology
BDO’s IFRS conversion process is broken down into four phases:

·       Phase 1: Preliminary Impact Assessment

·       Phase 2: Detailed Assessment

·       Phase 3: Implementation

·       Phase 4: Post Implementation Review

We begin working with your financial and operational professionals immediately in order to gather information and design the most efficient procedures possible. During execution our professionals will communicate regularly throughout the project in order to avoid unforeseen events and to enable smooth and timely completion.
GAAP Advisory Services
Depending on the engagement, our professionals provide financial statement audits, reviews,, and provide advisory and support to our clients. Our professionals draw on deep, industry-specific experience, allowing us to focus in on the particular needs of your business. And with a service model characterized by a unique level of responsiveness, we make sure that you have access to the people best-suited to meet those needs.