Private Accountant(PA) Service

Private Accountant(PA) Service

The importance of PA work has been increased due to the introduction of periodic auditor designation effective from 2020 and the enhanced disciplinary action caused by the recent revision of the External Audit Act.

At BDO Sunghyun, we have an exclusive PA team consisted of accountants with extensive experience in audit and assurance services, providing comprehensive accounting advisory services to help prepare the company's financial statements and support audit and assurance work.


Support to prepare financial statement:

  • Support the preparation of items where the client has difficulties, such as consolidated accounting, corporate tax, and cash flow statements, etc
  • (Separated/Consolidated) Support for the footnote

Review various standards:

  • Review standards for accounting issues that occur at all times   
  • Analyze the introduction effect of revised standards

Establish cost accounting system:

  • Support the preparation of reliable financial statements by establishing a reasonable cost accounting system

Various valuations (financial instruments, PPA, asset impairment, etc.):

  • Provide strategic valuation to maximize enterprise value through professional evaluation methods and techniques

Respond to audit:

  • Respond to the audit based on reasonable evidence and data
  • Support for preparing for auditor’s request

Support digital audit:

  • Secure reliability of digital audit
  • Verify digital data