Sang Woo Ye, CPA, Partner

Sang Woo Ye




+82 51 460 4720


Sang Woo Ye started his career in KPMG Sandong accounting firm in 1988 and served as a director. As a Partner in charge of audit division, he is currently the head of Busan office of BDO Korea.
For professional activities, Sang Woo served or currently serves as the following positions.
-Member of Deliberative Committee for the local tax of Dong-gu, Busan (2004-present)
-Auditor for Busan Inno Biz Center (2006-present)
-Consultant for Busan Small and Medium sized Business Association (2008-2010)
-Member of Deliberative Committee for reviewing legality of taxation and objection, Busan Regional Tax Office (2009-2011)
-Consultant for the court trial(2011-present)
-Member of Examination Committee for national tax, West Busan Tax Office (2011-2013)
-Member of Deliberative Committee for property valuation of Busan Regional Tax Office (2012-2015)
-Auditor for Busan Cultural Foundation (2015-2018)

Major project experiences are;
-Financial audits for domestic/international corporates
-Audits for Korea Container Terminal Authority
-Inspection for account settlement of Hwang Ryung Mt. Tunnel, Busan
-Project for establishing and reviewing Internal control system
-Composition proceedings and reports on rehabilitation inspection, rehabilitation consulting
-Audits for apartment 

In 2011, he received commendation by the director of Busan National Tax Office.
He graduated from Busan National University, majored in Business Administration at College of Commerce.