Valuation process requires professional evaluation skills as strategic valuation is an issue of growing importance for maximizing the enterprise value.

BDO Korea provides services with methodologies and techniques adequate for the purpose based on various understandings of the industry.

1. M&A Related Valuation
Analysing appropriate price and evaluating value for both buying and selling-side parties in M&A process.

2. Review of Business Value Related Valuation
Supporting decision making by reviewing business value for business development, real estate development business, and equipment investment.

3. Regulations Related Valuation
Evaluating merger, merger division, stock exchange, investment in kind price, which required in capital market act.

4. Financial Report Related Valuation
Evaluating the fair value of assets and examining assets impairment, which required in IFRS.

5. PPA Related Valuation
Dividing proportionally stock acquisition value with intangible assets value and goodwill or negative goodwill.