Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance

It is essential to ask for the assistance from financial advisors in corporate’s financing process. BDO Korea provides many plans to maximize the company value stage by stage in the financing process.

*In order to leverage financing from capital market through IPO, we provide IPO strategy planning service including the review of overall listing requirements. Besides, we provide services supporting the financing from overhead capital market through strategic or financial investors.

1. Business Planning
Analysing business value and establishing financial strategy.

2. Projection on Capital Requirements
Forecasting the scale and the uses of financing by analysis of the cash flow.

3. Decision on Optimal Capital Structure
Deciding on borrowed capital vs. equity capital.

4. Selection of Financing Plan
Deciding on public offering vs. private placement.

5. Prepare Information Memorandum (IM)

6. Financing
Establishing marketing strategy for financing.

7. Follow-up Management
Managing the fund raising for investment.