International Taxation

International Taxation

Recently G20 and OECD countries are making several new systems to prevent tax avoidance behavior, BEPS (Base Erosion and Profit Shifting) that reduces global tax burden through existing international tax loopholes and tax law differences between countries. As a part the programs Korean government requires to present a consolidated report on international trade from 2016.

As the responding actions for BEPS, including transfer price documents, require corporates to provide more extensive information on overseas investment status, corporate and financial information of the related overseas affiliates, global management activity, and transaction information with foreign special stakeholders, corporates are expected to devote sufficient time and effort to provide these resources.


Key Services

  • Advise on joint venture and inducement of advanced technologies

  • Tax advice related to Foreign Investment Promotion Act

  • Transfer Pricing

  • International tax strategy for overseas business

  • Establishment, operation, and closing of foreign company’s domestic branch

  • Advise on foreign investment to Korea(joint venture and inducement of advanced technologies, tax structuring)