Internal Audit

In order to effectively apply and operate internal control and corporate governance processes, BDO Korea provides a wide range of services including internal audit sourcing, quality assurance review, monitoring system consulting, advancement, establishment, and evaluation of internal audit system, and internal accounting control system advisory service.

Internal Audit service not only provides an assurance on overall organization but also evaluates effectiveness of risk assessment, internal control and corporate governance process independently and objectively. Internal audit predicts possible issues and improves overall effectiveness of corporations by eliminating duplications of resources to enhance the corporate value.

As new technologies has developed and working processes become more complex, it is getting more difficult for corporations to respond changes of business environment on their own. We can help our client to design more sophisticated and effective internal audit structure. Many corporations which do not have higher independence and professionalism outsource the partial or whole internal audit force and have provided internal audit services that have effectiveness and professionalism. We provides internal audit outsourcing services to meet our client’s specific business needs.


Internal Audit Service for Foreign Subsidiaries

With the regulatory complexities, many foreign subsidiaries in Korea face potential risks such as shortage of qualified manpower, limitations of system infrastructure and issues of regulatory compliance. Accordingly, it is getting more difficult for corporations to perform internal audit function effectively.
To manage those potential risks and disadvantages, we provides our client internal audit quality assessment service in fraud, compliance and internal control.