Establish Internal Control System

Establishment and Evaluation of Internal Control System

(K-SOX Test, Domestic Corporations)

COSO framework is a part of internal control system which is the policy and procedures corporations establish to achieve their management objectives. It is an accounting control system responsible by board of directors, management and personnel at all levels which is designed to provide reasonable assurance regarding the reliability of financial reporting and the preparation of financial statements in accordance with K-GAAP.
We have a number of experienced professionals, establishing and performing internal control evaluation with COSO framework.


Establishment and Evaluation of Internal control System with New COSO Framework

(SOX Test, Foreign Subsidiaries or Domestic Companies along with Public Companies in U.S)
In May 2013, COSO released a revised version of its Internal Control-Integrated Framework. The updated framework developed additional 17 internal control principles and related 87 points of focus. It reflected major environmental changes over 20 years and broaden application of focus not only financial information but also financial and non-financial information.
We provides effective establishment and evaluation of internal control system services with updated COSO framework.