Financial Services

Financial Services

Heightened SEC and regulatory scrutiny. Increasing competition. Cybersecurity concerns. These matters, and unprecedented amounts of international legislation and oversight, are making business more complex for financial services companies.

To help our clients respond quickly and appropriately to these cross-border developments, the expert teams for financial markets at BDO member firms have joined forces in the Global Financial Services Group.

Our Group gives us the ability to represent the interests of our clients with a uniform position in dealings with regulators and legislators at the European and global levels. We are also able to respond quickly and competently to matters that are cross-border.

BDO’s Financial Services Practice helps clients in the financial services sector succeed in a changing landscape that is marked by regulatory reform, sustainability aspectsdisruptive technology, and new service-delivery channels.

Our services - including governance, riskcompliancebusiness process reviews and more - are tailored to meet the unique needs of financial services organisations. Across all of these segments, BDO brings an in-depth understanding of the complexities of the financial services industry and the unique challenges facing our clients’ businesses.