• About BDO Korea

About BDO Korea

Merged BDO E-Hyun Accounting Corporation with Sungto Accounting Corporation, BDO Sungto-Ehyun Limited(BDO Korea) has been newly launched.

Sungto Accounting Corporation’s revenues have seen an average annual increase of 25% since 2000 and continued to provide competitive service targeting both international and domestic market. Founded in 2007, BDO E-hyun joined BDO International Limited in 2016, having achieved 20% annual growth over the previous 10 years.

With its headquarters in Seoul, BDO Korea has three further offices in Busan, Changwon and Daegu. Nearly 230 highly skilled professionals include industry and international accounting experts as well as tax experts, IT professionals, and advisers who used to serve high-level executives in the financial institutions, public sectors, and tax authorities.

BDO Korea promises to contribute to the growth of our members, clients, and society based on differentiated expertise and trust.