• EDI system for social insurances

EDI system for social insurances

25 March 2019

Social Insurance EDI Service


Social Insurance EDI Service is a system that electronically processes civil service work such as various reports for the social insurance or applications, etc. so that it would eliminate the inconvenience of visiting business sites or mailing.


1. Registration and installation of the program

1) Visit the site at http://bips.bizmeka.com

2) Click on the “Join EDI Service” tab

3) Select the service to join and check the business site management number

4) Enter information for the business site

5) Click on the “Install Social Insurance EDI” tab

6) Click the “Run” button from the downloading screen for the installation file

7) Once the installation is complete, an icon will be created on the desktop

2. EDI certification for business purposes

The certification used for Social Insurance EDI is different from public certifications that are generally used by banks, etc. EDI certification for business purposes is issued by EDI through the security verification of other national intelligence services. The certification must be issued when you use Social Insurance EDI. The procedure for issuance is simple at no cost.


1) Procedure for Issuance

A. Click on the “Manage a Security Certification” tab after logging in on EDI

B. Select “Issue certification” and register with a password

2) Management

Similar to a bank certification, one can manage by changing the storage location and backing it up. The password for the certification should be entered to send and receive documents.


3. Characteristics of a Social Insurance EDI

1) Business sites and members are promptly managed with the 24-hour reporting and application system.

2) It prevents errors that may be caused by faxing or paper documents.

3) It thoroughly protects the personal information with the operation of the electronic
certification and security system.